Assignment 4

Initial Nine Assignments
Water Source Research Visit Abandoned River (River Waterfall)
Synthesis Skills Use a synthesis skill. You should automatically get this.
Synthesis 5 times
New Weapons Make Medical Bag, Glass Shaker, Golden Wing Staff, Graviton Gale
Gather 15 times
Combat Fight 9 times
Synthesis Research Buy "Alchemy Research" from Marion.
Upland Riverbed Slay Yellow Element at Abandoned River (Upland Riverbed)
Gather at Old Ponds twice
Slay Howling Beast at Still Creek.
Gather at Forest River Source
Slay a Yellow Element at River Waterfall.
Search Use Field Events 5 times
Sixteen Minor Assignments
Disassemble Fireball Disassemble a Lava Cube. You can find it at the Abandoned River.
Falling Fireball Synth a Lava Cube with Falling Stars. See note below.
Defeat Rampaging Slag Slay the Carrier in Souther Ruins (Sector One)
Plains Grass Gather Lethe Grass at Withering Plains. (Ugh.)
Document Recovery Get 5 documents through Field Events.
Explorer's Kit Equip a Dowsing Rod, gather somewhere, return to Colseit.
Creatures of the Deep Slay the Flounder at Abandoned River (River Waterfall).
New Ally Perform a normal attack with Lucille.
Clear Water Source Slay Yellow Element, Howling Beast, Blue Spirit at Abandoned River.
Requests 6 or more
3 Water Sources Gather Lotus, Lady's Whiskers, Bubbling Water at Abandoned River.
Synthesis Requests Do one synth request.
Antique Delivery Deliver Dowsing Rod x1, Abrasive x5, or (Antique) x30 to Town Entrance.
Passing Civilization Synth Tarot of Fate
Deliver Rations Deliver Traveler's Ration x1 or Five Grain Flour x5 to Town Entrance.
Healing Properties Make an item with Healing Up. Probably.
Character Events
Awin Administration Office Awin wants to renovate the air depot.
Colland Atelier Colland sees Logy/escha/items keeping busy.
Clone Apple Orchard Colland is asking Clone for her opinion.
Harry Plaza Harry's writing a book.
Town Entrance Central City has schools (Logy)
An apple a day keeps the Harry away (Escha)
Lucille Hall Lucille talks to Homunculi.
Development Office Marion asks about Lucille.
This will be followed two Atelier events.
Katla Urban Area Nio's likes Katla's prices.
Micie Atelier Introduction (after synthing)
Administration Office Micie examines the branch manager.
Atelier Micie asks about Logy being in Colseit (Logy)
Micie asks Escha about Logy. (Escha)
Plaza [DLC] Micie joins
Reyfer Dragon's Fist Tavern Reyfer's super cheap.
Solle Administration Office Homunculi available.
Administration Office About talking to Homonculi.
Threia Atelier Threia decides to work in the Atelier.
Plus Balloon Docks Choice. About airships. (Scene is different for both.)
Hall [Logy] Choice. Lots of people arround.
Atelier [Escha]. Choice. Can't handle paperwork.
Fortune Teller Katla's Shop Crystal Ball, Crystal Ring, Tarot of Fate, Dowsing Rod, Purple Crystal
Walking Twilight Duke's Shop Dark Night Cape, Acrobatic Armor, Exceed Belt, Traveler's Ration
Theory of Relics 1 assignment line Lava Cube, Divine Jar, Flava Blitz, Black Neutralizer, White Neutralizer, Polarized Gem
Forged Armor 3 assignment lines Knitted Shirt, Stylish Shirt, Leather Shirt, Bone Plate, Magic Plate
  • Area
    • Abandoned River
    • There's a boss fight here. If you have a semi-decent Omega Craft and upgraded equipment it shouldn't be too bad.
    • You get your first Lithograph Fragment after beating it. You need five for the final boss.

Right at the beginning, Lucille joins you. Naturally, you'll want to put her up front in your party if you're playing as Escha or interested in seeing everything. With her comes the Special Support ability. In short, if you get the damage rate to 200% or higher, you can use a special ability. My favorite is Threia's because it's a debuff.

Secondly, an event with Solle will finally make the Homonculi available to you. You pay them in sweets to duplicate items for you. Finally, Micie will barge into the Atelier after synthing.

After finishing the assignment, two important things happen. First, you get a trophy (Powerup Meeting). Second, you get Linca. It's important to give her front row time to get her friendship up. Again, be sure to have your second alchemist and Nio in the reserve at all times.

Make sure to visit the Balloon Docks to progress the plot. You can give Awin the proper amount of lumber right now. You may need to buy up Duke's Eiche stock or visit Upland Forest, though. There's also a scene with Katla. If you're on NG+, you can afford the book at 100,000 Cole (even with Dunkelheit, it's not a good value!), but you'll eventually get it for free if you keep waiting.


There are two important things you can do now that you have duplication unlocked.

  • For an Assignment 9 task, you'll need 50 single slot items. I recommend duplicating a lot of Apple Tarts.
  • To end your money woes, take a look at this section.

Lava Cube

If you're playing the Plus version, they actually corrected both errors regarding this item. Originally, the game tells you to put Meteor on the Cube when it actually means Falling Stars. On top of that, it has two effects called Inflicts Burns. One is better than the other, despite the name.

I'm going to assume you know how to get Super Destructive using a Capacitive Paper and a Bomb. You need to be level 33 or higher to pull this off (you get the skill Perfect Division). If you're too low, go ahead and make the item so it has Falling Stars (you need the highest earth effect), and remake it ASAP.

  • Ingredients: Phlogiston, Bomb, Capacitive Paper, White Neutralizer.
  • Put Phlogiston, Bomb, White Neutralizer in.
  • Use Power+ LV1 on Capacitive Paper. Put it in, then use Perfect Division to put it in again.
  • Use Division on Bomb or Phlogiston.
  • Enjoy your Lava Cube.