Assignment 3

Initial Nine Assignments
Support Materials Visit Withering Plains (Frontier Village)
Deliver Purify Bottle to Frontier Village
Deliver Apple Tart x2 or (Food) x10 to Frontier Village
Requests 6 requests
Synthesis 5 times
Subjugation Requests Complete one subjugation request
Gather 15 times
Combat 9 times
Search Use 5 Field Events
Frontier Village Slay Mirage Element at Withering Plains (Plains Brook)
Gather at Muddy Lake.
Visit Frontier Village.
Research Investment Do any experiment with Marion.
Sixteen Minor Assignments
Investigator Adventurer Level 20+
Armor with Effects Make a Cotton Shirt with Def Power +3. Capacitive Paper helps. You need wind.
Material Knowledge Gather 35+ types of items
Handmade Pottery Synth Handmade Pottery
Piercing Electricity Synth Lightning Bomb with Piercing Damage. It's the higher Earth effect.
Ruins Slag Slay the Nano-Slag in Southern Ruins (Ruins Courtyard)
Back Line Items Use Cup of Life on back row; you need to press L1 to target the back
Ruins Inspection Go to Sector One, Two, and Three of Southern Ruins. Enter/Exit is fine; you don't have to do anything.
Plains Subjugation Slay Mirage Element, Amethyst Rat, and Steel Skin
Collect Glass Cores Gather a Glass Core at the Old Highway (I only have 30!)
Upland Bear Slay Steel Skin at Upland Forest (Forest Atelier Ruins)
Ancient Charm Synth Glorious Note
Quantity Change Use "Check collection change" Field Event
Help the Village Deliver Distilled Water x3 to the guy at the Town Entrance
Glass Materials Deliver Glass Rod or Glass Core x4 to the Plaza
Apprentice Alchemist Alchemy Level 20+
Character Events
Colland Atelier (after synth) Colland sees Escha/Logy slacking.
Clone Town Entrance Duke is a child in a man's body. (Logy)
Atelier How Escha's doing. (Escha)
Harry Town Entrance Harry is quite the traveler.
Katla Urban Area Wilbell bought the pendant (ha!).
Urban Area [DLC] About finding rare items.
Upland Forest [DLC] Found something interesting
Linca Development Office Linca sucks at paperwork.
Development Office Marion got mad at her. :D
Nio Apple House Nio wants herbs. (Logy)
Nio's making apple stuff. (Escha)
Reyfer Urban Area Reyfer gets the price he wants from Katla.
Threia Hall Threia doesn't sleep (Logy)
Threia never talks to people (Escha)
Hall About Threia's job
Wilbell Urban Area [DLC] Threia wants to know everything.
Plus Development Office Nio joins. OINK MOO.
Atelier [Escha] Marion is concerned about the work she's taking.
Atelier [Escha] Choice. Wow, Escha, lay off the snack breaks.
Apple House [Escha] Choice. Nio thinks E&L get along quite well.
Apple Orchard [Escha] Choice. Showing off the orchard.
Atelier Marion thinks the two work well together.
Admin Office [Logy] Choice. Escha is talking to Solle about Logy.
Plaza [Logy] Choice. Escha about runs into a fence.
Forged Weapons 1 assignment line Golden Wing Staff, Glass Sabre, Graviton Gale, Aqua Talisman, Silver Arm, Medical Bag, Cleaver
A Potter's Life 3 assignment lines Living Bomb, Handmade Pottery, Iron Clay, Iron Plate, Lightning Bomb, Glorious Note
Brutal Bombs 5 assignment lines Dire Bomb
Anatomy Nio's Shop Cup of Life, Preserved Tablet, Reverent Incense, SP Medicine, Medicine Bread
Shiny Zappy Katla's Shop Powdered Glass, Glass Rod, Glass Tiara, Polished Crystal, Capacitive Paper
Drought Supplies Visit Frontier Village Purify Bottle

The event list, again, assumes Threia first.

If you haven't already, be sure to buy the bigger basket from Marion. You may even consider upgrading twice, if you can afford it after recipes. Search Wisdom is something you want down the line, but Marching Skills is more or less a luxury you don't seriously need, as air travel is a bigger part of the game than land.

After returning from the village, you'll get Reyfer/Threia in your party. You may put Awin in the rear, now, which is basically where he should be most of the game.

You'll get a scene and trophy at the Atelier. Logy will be a clean freak (Scars of the Past, and can I just say YEEESSSS), and Escha will be stuffing her face (Big Eater).


You can finally make the second tier of equipment. Check out the Property List of all your weapons; at least one of your two weapons for each character will have both Attack Power 3 and 6. These will combine into Attack Reinforce. You want that.

Another thing. Both Leather and Multi-patch have Defense +3 and Defense +6 for Defense Reinforce. You will need to experiment to see how you can get the appropriate Property Level for both. You can transfer this to a Mixed Lubricant for an Alloy Plate and it's easily placed on a Cotton Shirt to create a Sturdy Shirt.

Finally, when you create armor, keep the Wind/Fire/Water/Earth Resist properties as you see them. One of each is fine. You'll thank me later.

Item Fun

Honestly, with the items I already told you about, you don't need anything else awesome. But it isn't a huge stretch to make these mediocre things:

  1. To make a Lightning Bomb with Super Destructive, make a Capactive Paper using a Distilled Water.
  2. To make a Living Bomb, probably make Polished Crystal using that Distilled Water.


After finishing the assignment, Marion will give you the Dismantler. This allows you to do two important things.

  1. You can break apart relics you find into material items. You cannot get these material items through any other means.
  2. In some cases, you get a recipe for the item you're breaking apart.
My area sections detail what you can get, and what the items dismantle into. There is one late game recipe you have to get via dismantling. Otherwise, at best you'll get a recipe early.