Assignment 2

Initial Nine Assignments
Ruins Investigation Check out all areas in the Southern Ruins.
Requests Complete 6 requests
Boulder Blocking Road Destroy boulder (with bomb/craft) at S. Ruins (Sector 3)
Synthesis 5 times
Combat 9 battles
Gather 15 times
Help the Harvest Gather 20 apples at Colseit's Apple Orchard
Ruins Entrance Slay Fake Ruin at S. Ruins (Ruins Entrance)
Gather in Sector One!
Slay Flatfish at Sector Two.
Gather at Ruins Courtyard.
New Recipe Buy A Healthy Home from Katla.
Sixteen Minor Assignments
Field Investigation Spend a total of 50 days moving on the world map.
Slowing Ice Bomb Create Ice Bomb with Speed Down M. See Attack Items box below.
Collection Sharing Use "Check collection sharing" Field Event twice.
Rare Material Change Use "Check rare materials" Field Event twice.
Ornamental Decoration Create Spirit Garland.
Three Types of Bombs Enter a field with Bomb, Ice Bomb, and Craft equipped. Then return.
Search Use Field Events five times.
Activity Cost Plans Spend 2000+ Cole. Easily done on recipes.
Clear-Headed Foods Synth Clear Jelly.
Sell Unneeded Items Sell items totalling 50+ Cole. You can use water/apples if you want.
Wolf and Friends Slay the Flesh Eater at Twilight Forest (Forest Point).
Gathering Requests Complete a Gathering request.
Ruins Artifacts Gather Phlogiston, Aqua Light, and Earth Stone.
Highway Slicer Bug Slay Scissor Beast x3 at Old Highway (Lost Road).
Switch Lines When Threia/Reyfer joins, you can switch people out of the front lines. Do so once, and win the battle.
Hard Working Medal Use up any of your items, as long as it totals 10 uses between all of them. It doesn't have to be all in one trip.
Character Events
Clone Apple Orchard Maintenance
Duke Dragon's Fist Tavern Duke wants Escha/Logy to try his pancakes
Dragon's Fist Tavern Duke has a bunch of male customers again.
Pile of Sweets is given to you.
Katla Urban Area Katla uses a sob story to sell the pendant
Urban Area [DLC] Katla joins the party
Linca Atelier Does Logy/escha/items need anything?
Nio Apple Orchard Nio's sister is in trouble
Marion Dev Office About how much work Escha is doing. (Logy)
Solle Admin Office Solle catches all your mistakes.
Admin Office Heizman wants more people.
Wilbell Plaza Wilbell's looking for powerful spirits
Urban Area [DLC] Wilbell joins the party
Plus Balloon Docks [Logy] Choice. Awin appears.
Atelier [Logy] Choice. Escha's tail
(No choice with Escha, but you see the event.)
Atelier [Logy] Choice. With Marion.
Atelier [Escha] Choice. Logy's a clean freak.
Atelier [Escha] Choice. About Imbuing.
Colseit's History Duke's shop Colseit Fiber, Leather, Multi-patch, Allgemein Board, Spirit Garland
A Healthy Home Katla's shop Clear Jelly, Heal Bandage, Trad. Medicine, Aroma Pouch, Leather Gloves
Lost Ice 3 assignment lines Ice Bomb, Distilled Water, Freezing Gas, Guryun Blitz, Spray
Pile of Sweets From Duke's events Pancake Stack
Common Weapons Automatic when you get the Trainer Traditional Staff, Phantom Saber, Sledge Head, Ruby Talisman, Scattershot, Explorer's Pack, Great Blade
Common Armor Automatic when you get the Trainer Cotton Shirt, Sturdy Shirt, Chest Plate, Alloy Plate, Leather Coat

Once you enter Sector One of the Southern Ruins, you'll meet Harry, Threia, and Reyfer. Depending on your choice, either Reyfer or Threia will join after you finish the assignment. This guide rolls with the assumption that you picked Threia, but if you didn't, her events more or less switch places with Reyfer's (that is, Reyfer's events happen earlier). Once Reyfer/Threia joins, toss your second alchemist into the rear.

At some point, Logy will approach Colland about alchemy equipment. You'll also be introduced to Research, which you pay for through Marion. These experiments allow you certain gameplay bonuses. Be. Very. Careful. You want money for recipes. Marion takes your money. Intro to Storage and Search Knowledge are not bad investments, for the moment.

A little while after that (I got it after finishing the assignment), Marion will pop in and give you a shiny new tool, a Trainer, and the ability to make equipment.

Pro Tip: Make equipment with Water Resist, Earth Resist, etc. as you see it. Just one per element is fine. It may not be the most "useful", but you will thank me later.

The next thing that happens is that you get access to a blimp, and thus Upland Forest. You don't need to explore it all during the term; you have plenty of time in the next assignment to get through it; I only made it three areas in, myself. Enjoy the song!


  • I suggest you make all new equipment after reaching Alchemy Level 20.
  • This allows you to inherit properties from your materials.
  • You can also use Division, which allows you to toss in an item twice. This raises your attribute/element level.
  • Finally you get the Quantity LV1 skill, which either increases the number or uses your item has (Attack/Healing items) or the number of items you produce (everything else).

Friendship Management

  • Keep Nio and your second alchemist in the back, and later in reserve as much as possible. They have zero friendship events.
  • Preferably keep Awin in the back row until Assignment 9. This unlocks an area during the most boring assignment, giving you more to do.
  • 80 Friendship for all Awin/Reyfer/Threia events.
  • 70 Friendship for Lucille.
  • 60 for Linca and Wilbell/Micie/Katla.
  • Friendship raises at a rate of .11 per day in the front, .08 in the back, and .03 in reserve (you don't have enough characters to put one in reserve yet). It will raise any time a day passes, whether you're in Colseit or not. Just remember to shuffle them from time to time.
  • If you feel like you need a schedule, see this page.

Ending Stuff

  • If you are playing as Escha, you need all the events from all the ladies. I do not suggest ignoring Awin, as his events unlock a new area. This means you should shuffle four people to the front lines.
  • If you are playing as Logy, you need the events from all the dudes. This means keeping Reyfer and Awin in the front most of the time.
  • If you're obsessed with seeing everything, you need pretty much everyone's events. It isn't hard, you just have to shuffle your party a lot.
  • For the Plus version, or for those of you who paid for Wilbell/Katla/Micie, their friendship events don't count toward endings. They have non-friendship, non-DLC events as well. These will not have character icons next to them.

Let's Make Some Attack Items

  • Required: Level 20 or higher.
  • Result: Ice Bomb with Super Destructive, Very Destructive, Endow Cold.

Do everything you can to increase the Effect. You can use Conversion to Earth for Effect+ LV2 and LV1, as well as Division, and occasionally Absorb Attribute. Effect Up, the property, will also be helpful, but I do not suggest it in the future. It's actually a pretty worthless property once you can max out Effect without it.

Ice Bomb

  • Phantom Saber
    • Create a Phantom Saber using a Garden Stone. Keep PP Expansion. Be sure to unlock the Level 3 property (the bottom right box will tell you what the property level is).
    • This works because you just combined Inherit PP +5 from the Garden Stone and Inherit PP +3, which is native to the Phantom Saber.
  • Spray
    • Make using Charcoal Pieces and the Phantom Saber you just made.
    • Keep Destruction Up+, PP Expansion, Effect Up (if you need it -- you can assume the same on future synths)
  • Freezing Gas
    • Use the Spray you just made.
    • Keep Very Destructive (Destruction Up+ x Destruction Up), PP Expansion
  • Mixed Lubricant
    • Use the Leather you just made, keep Destruction Up++, Inherit PP +3.
  • Neutralizer-B
    • Use Spray (Destruction Up+), Mixed Lubricant (Destruction Up++). This is because I personally had trouble getting the last step to work without doing this first.
    • Keep Intense Blast, Inherit PP +3.
  • Ice Bomb
    • Use Freezing Gas, Mixed Lubricant, and Neutralizer-B.
    • Throw in Mixed Lubricant, use Power+ LV1 on Freezing Gas.
    • Throw in remaining items, then use Conversion LV1 on Wind.
    • Use Division on Freezing Gas.
    • If you need to, use Conversion LV2 on Earth, then Effect+ LV2. Do not use Absorb Attribute; you will lose Endow Cold.
    • Keep Super Destructive, Endow Cold, and whatever you like with the remaining points (I had Very Destructive due to the use of Division)

Other Items

  • For a Guryun Blitz
    • Make a Distilled Water
      • Use Spray (Destruction Up+, PP Expansion), Zettel, Leather, Mixed Lubricant (Destruction Up++, Inherit PP +3).
      • Toss in all items. Use CP Recovery, then Division on Spray. Feel free to use Effect and Absorb Attribute; I did.
      • This should net you Super Destructive, PP Expansion, and Inherit PP +3. My understanding is that tossing in Spray twice also tosses in Destruction Up+ twice, and Destruction Up is the LV1 property to Distilled Water.
    • Make Neutralizer-G using that Distilled Water. This allows you to focus on Earth effects.
    • Use Blue Gemstone (you may have to use Check collection sharing in Southern Ruins...), Shining Crystal, Cloud Financier (from Solle), Neutralizer-G.
      • Toss in everything except the Shining Crystal. Use Crafting Help on it.
    • Use both Conversions on Fire, then Power+ on the Shining Crystal. Toss it in, then use Division on it.
    • Keep Wind Core, Super Destructive, and probably Fixed Increase.
  • For an Omega Craft
    • If you have a bunch of Spiky Buds, the easiest way would be to toss those in every slot (at least two slots is required -- the third allows you to use Effect+ LV1 and LV2). Combine this with a Mixed Lubricant (Destruction Up++).
    • Toss in everything. Use Power+ on the Lubricant, then use Division on it.
    • Now use Conversion as much as possible to Earth so you can use Effect+ LV2 and hopefully LV1.
    • Keep Super Destructive. If you want to keep more, you'll have to make a Mixed Lubricant with PP Expansion.

This tutorial is mainly to get you thinking about how to use the system. I used some rather sophisticated techniques to create these items but dang it, it's fun to have overpowered items so early. But there will be a follow ups, so keep these materials around.

Also, hang onto the Ice Bomb. You'll want it later.