Assignment 8

Initial Nine Assignments
New Ruins Investigate the Lab of Eternity
Relic Investigation Use the Check Relic Field Event twice.
Synthesis Synth 5 times
Material Reinforcement Use the Strengthen Material synthesis skill.
Combat Fight 6 times
Gather Gather 12 times
Requests Do 8 requests
Underground Entrance Slay Black Box at Lab of Eternity (Underground Entrance).
Gather at the Cistern.
Slay Watchman at Lab Ruins - Central.
Gather at Lab Ruins - Depths.
Search Use 5 Field Events
Sixteen Minor Assignments
Grand Breaker Slay the Red Skin at Searing Wastes (Burning River).
Antique Delivery Deliver Aroma Materia x2, Elaborate Screw x3, or (Antique) x50 to Lab of Eternity.
Panacea Synth an Elixir with Recover KO S2 (max fire)
Sun Flower Synth a Sun Flower.
Accessory Delivery Deliver Treasure Grimoire, Seven Star Medal, or (Accessory) x5 to Urban Area.
Extract Delivery Deliver Natural Extract x4 or Medical Solution x2 to Upland Forest (Atelier Garden Ruins - Basement).
Dragon Material Deliver Dragon Fin x2, King's Wing x3 or Dragon Scale x4 to Town Entrance. Get your Homunculi on it.
One Way Days Equip Heavenly Spirits.
Festival Food Deliver Fruit Ration x3, Apple Tart x10, or Fruit Pie x6 to Apple Orchard.
Dragon Hunt Season Slay 10 Dragon type monsters. Do it with the Dragon Slaying task.
Rainbow Delivery Deliver SP Neutralizer, Rainbow Powder x5, or Rainbow Shirt x3 to Balloon Docks.
Dragon Slaying Slay Rakshasa Dragon, Grand Dragon, and Sura Dragon at Dragon's Nest.
Dragon Medicine Use a Dragon's Secret in battle.
Strong Powder Use a Strong Powder in battle.
Combat Armor Synth a Combat Shirt with any Property.
Synthesis Requests Complete 3 synthesis requests.
Character Events
Awin Balloon Docks About the edge of the world.
Katla Urban Area (Logy) Katla wants a blimp.
(Escha) Katla's saving up.
Linca Development Office Reyfer saw Linca at the Tavern.
Dragon's Fist Tavern She's Linca, but not Linca.
Micie Urban Area Miche's been visiting Katla a lot.
Plaza [DLC] Quit growing taller. 30 friendship.
Plaza [DLC] Not intimidating enough.
Lucille Hall (Logy) Lucille's family troubles.
Hall (Logy) A letter about enjoying work.
Hall (Escha) Lucille lost a folder.
This is followed by three events around town.
Reyfer Dragon's Fist Tavern Arguing with Threia.
Wilbell Urban Area Wilbell is going to make sweets.
Plus Admin Office [Escha] Choice. Solle said it was perfect!
Baloon Docks [Escha] Choice. Use that airship.
Apple House [Logy] Choice. Nio wants to show that old geezer.
Apple Orchard Choice. Snoozing / Going to Central. Different for both.
Golden Fleece Nio's Shop Moon Tablet, Treasure Grimoire, Seven Star Medal, Sun Flower
Legendary Armor Duke's Shop Rainbow Shirt, Combat Shirt, Ebony Plate, Scale Plate, Heroic Cape
The Land of Dawn Lab Ruins - Central Fruit Ration, Natural Extract, Strong Powder, Rainbow Powder, Comet Crest Stone
Time & Life 2 assignment lines Time Watch, Dragon's Secret, Medical Solution, Holy Chalice, Elixir

You know the drill. Trip all the events you see. You should continue the book with Clone and get a plot event with Nio.

Note that Nio has a Dunkelheit. It's expensive, but it's also a really good material. You can, however, gather these for free at Lab of Eternity and Southern Ruins. You will need a Plant Nutrients. And note that it's rare; if you want to farm them, you'll want to save first.

Before you leave, make the airship parts. You can do it after buying the new recipe from Nio, especially if you followed my instructions and got a Diamond Gemstone. The big reason you want to do this is because you will travel faster through the air.

Yeah, this section is pretty empty. The fun stuff starts in the next assignment, so, uh, enjoy the break?