End Game

Character Events
Duke Dragon's Fist Tavern Optional boss unlocked.
Dragon's Fist Tavern Eating Contest trophy event
Dragon's Fist Tavern (Logy) That much food isn't easy to get.
(Escha) Congratulating Linca.
Lucille Development Office A request from the Ernella company.
Apple House Nio gives Lucille some books.
Atelier A Dropout's Struggle trophy event.
Atelier After making Immune Medicine.
Hall (Logy) Lucille thanks Logy.
(Escha) Why Escha helped.
Linca Hall (Logy) About Linca's past. Eight Lincas!
Micie Plaza (Escha) Gift giving.
Urban Area (Escha) Miche tried to buy a gift.
Plaza (Escha) Please Act like an Adult trophy
Urban Area Micie bought a love charm.
Hall [DLC] Worrying about impartiality. 60 friendship.
Plaza [DLC] Everyone wants Micie to stay.
Katla Urban Area [DLC] 60 Friendship. Lovey-dovey parents.
Reyfer Hall Reyfer and Threia argued over ruins.
Slag Graveyard Promise at the Ruins trophy event.
Hall Reyfer got a lot for the statue.
Town Entrance (Logy) How Reyfer became a treasure hunter
Dragon's Fist Tavern (Escha) Reyfer's going to leave town.
Solle Administration Office (Logy) Like Father trophy event.
Administration Office Colland really wants to eat with Solle.
Wilbell Urban Area Wilbell will continue to make sweets.
Urban Area [DLC] 60 friendship. Go fight the Lord of Fire
Plus Atelier [Escha] Choice. That giant mishap at the floating ruins.
Atelier [Escha] Choice. Logy's letter.
Atelier [Escha] Choice. Escha's getting better.
Atelier [Escha] The result of your choices.
Apple House [Logy] Choice. Stopping Flameu.
Apple Orchard [Logy] Choice. Almost nobody near Escha's age in Colseit.
Apple Orchard [Logy] The result of your choices. After Flameu?
Apple Orchard [Escha/Lucille] Lucille's grandfather. After breast growth.
Atelier [Lucille] Ernella company is quite happy.
Atelier [Lucille] Cooking
Oath of Eden (Escha) Automatic Knowledge Book, Demon Crucible, Apple Story
New Century (Logy) Automatic Tauzent Blitz, Gold Curse Ring
Mythical Weapons Beat first boss at Unexplored Ruins Lifetree Staff, Proto Phantom, Brave Bunker, Holy Talisman, White Feather 9, Traveling Doctor, Humming Quasar
Mythical Armor Beat second boss at Unexplored Ruins Gold Thread Shirt, Celestial Shirt, Meteor Plate, Dragon Scale , Dragoon Cape
Prevent Medicine Lucille's events Immune Medicine

FIRST AND FOREMOST, make sure you have all the lithograph pieces. If you don't, see this section. They are mandatory, and the final boss will not appear without them.

Duke's event will unlock an optional boss. If you haven't beaten the dragon in Dragon's Nest (the one you could scare away instead), you need to do so now to unlock this new boss.

If you're wondering what the (!) points on the map are, they represent bosses. This is doubly true for Plus owners. Defeat Thirsty Water God, get Cursed Saber. Defeat that, unlock Rogue Guardian. These are all very challenging bosses with different gimmicks.

You can now enter the Unexplored Ruins. STOP.

  1. If you want to see it, go get the bad end now. Just sleep the game away.
  2. You will get the Elixir Base relic there. I got it by using a Dowsing Rod in the first area. It's one of the very few missables in the game. Though if you have the free DLC or Plus version, you have another chance at the Palace of Paupers.
  3. You are much less likely to miss this, but there is an enemy called Tracker that you can only find in the Floating Ruins.
  4. Notice that I did not create a proper location section for this place. There is a Good Reason for that... it turns into the Fallen Ruins after you beat the boss at the end.
  5. There is nothing the Unexplored Ruins has, except Elixir Base and Tracker, that the Fallen Ruins doesn't.
  6. There are two bosses (Areas 3 and 5), so come prepared. Preferably with the shiny new items the game gives you; a decent Knowledge book or Tauzent Blitz will do nicely.
  7. I've heard some of you are using ultimate items to beat the second boss. That's mega overkill. See here
  8. Escha's hat regenerates.

Once done, you'll get some plot events. There are different scenes for Escha and Logy. There is also a Logy exclusive event at the Atelier in which he receives a letter.

Once you unlock the Fallen Ruins...

  1. Be sure to get a Sky King Fossil. You will need to walk ALLLL the way to Area 4 to check rare materials, then back to Area 1 or Area 2 and use a Plant Nutrients. It's rare, too, so this may require several attempts and your items don't regenerate after you leave. I suggest not gathering anything and just use Plant Nutrients on your way back.
  2. Flameu is in Area 5. You can break honeycombs along the way; these raise her level by 15, 10, 10, and 14. Breaking just one and defeating her will suffice for the trophy, if you're terrified of her level 99 form.
  3. If you are that sort of completionist, you will indeed need to fight her five times for all five encyclopedia entries.
  4. Logy and Escha have different scenes with Flameu.
  5. Colony Collapse Disorder is a great song. Yes, the final boss theme.


Need help with the level 50 version? Or even Gullveig? Click here.

For the level 99 version, you'll need to see the advanced synthesis tutorials. I did this at level 60, but I imagine you could do lower. Be sure to "Fix the mistake"

  • Helpful Items
    • Knowledge Book / Tauzent Blitz
    • Demon Crucible. Gives Escha three moves in a row. This appears in the synthesis tutorial; you don't need to make it uber, but do follow the fifth step so you have the effect you need. It's rather difficult to get.
    • Goddess Shield. You'll want it at the end when Flameu powers up.
    • Time Watch. Speed and auto revival are never a bad thing.
    • Command Chime. So you can use Goddess Shield/Time Watch on everyone at once.
    • Poly. Poison. Flameu has a huge buff on herself; you'll want this and Threia's special support attack.
    • Elixir Base. And at least a revival item on your other alchemist just in case.
    • It's seriously better to create uber attack items and blast her away before she can do anything, rather than bother with all of the above.

In the final year, on 1/1, you'll get an event about a new title for Clone's book. Probably an Escha exclusive.


On the final day, you'll get either Escha's Rest or Logy's Rest. Be sure to equip everything you want to carry over (your adventure equips can be bought at a later point; your regular equipment will immediately carry over along with your cash), and sell everything else.

You'll be given some options. (The bad end gives you some options too, by the way.)

  • See Them Off / Return to Central
    • Make a promise (Welcome Home) -- NG+ Only
    • Bid farewell (A Smiling Departure) -- Automatic on first playthrough
  • Find a new life
    • Big Brother / Arwin (Over the Hill), this end has two versions, two images. And yes, seriously, Arwin.
    • Threia (Deadline Approaching!)
    • Reyfer (The Thrill of the Hunt)
    • Lucille (Dr. Lucille), this end has two versions, one image.
    • Linca (Each With Their Own Strengths)
  • (Escha) So hungry... (Girls' Association)
  • (Logy) Aim for a great career (Men's Association)