Exceed Belt

LV 22
Exceed Belt

A leather belt that puts pressure on the body, keeping it strong.

Recipe Book: Walking Twilight

Relic Locations:Disassembles to:Properties:
Critical Min (0-30)
Critical L (30-100)
Forge Body (40-60)
Forge Muscle (60-90)
Forge Mind&Body (90-100)
Forge Spirit (50-75)
Forge Mind (75-100)
Overweight (0-60)
Legs of Earth (60-80)
Earth Shackles (80-100)
Can equip: eschaCan equip: logyCan equip: awinCan equip: threiaCan equip: reyferCan equip: lucilleCan equip: lincaCan equip: wilbellCan equip: micieCan equip: katlaCan equip: nio