Chapter 4

Lotte -- Plot
Go get some work! Go to the Union
Research the recipe Talk to Wilbell
Collect the ingredients for the requested item Gravicrystal x4
(Lumber) x2
(Metal) x1
Synthesize the requested item! Floater Unit
Bring the requested item to the Union -
Go meet Shallie! -
Go home -
Stera -- Plot
Ask about the request Go to the Union
Synthesize required ingredients 5 Algemein Plywood
Wait for request completion -
Gather required ingredients Synth Ingot
Gather Ancient Stone
Gather Mixed Oil
Free Time
Do some more work Perform synthesis Synthesis Exp +20
Go exploring
Complete requests
Get used to fighting (Stera) Reach adventurer level 20+ Combat Exp +30
Perform combat.
Get even more used to fighting (After above) Activate burst Combat Exp +30
Perform combat.
Raise alchemy skills (Lotte) Reach alchemy level 20+ Synthesis Exp +10
Use synthesis skills
Synthesize medicine (After above) (Medicine) Synthesis Exp +20
Use Synthesis skills (After above) 20 of them Synthesis Exp +30
Complete requests Get 1500 cole from quests -
Free Time
Want to make stylish equipment Synth Leather Gloves Synthesis Exp +20
OR Synth Leather Boots
Read The Fearsome Power of Nature Obtain The Fearsome Power of Nature Synthesis Exp +10
Synth items from it.
Read Cutting Edge Fashions (After above) Obtain Cutting Edge Fashions Synthesis Exp +10
Synth items from it.
Use Synthesis skills (After above) 20 of them Synthesis Exp +30
Rumors of special regional fuel Gather (Fuel) at Stellard Southern Archipelago Combat Exp +30
Rumors of special regional poison (After above) Gather (Poison) at Baskes Region Combat Exp +30
Do a more detailed check (After above) Use 5 Field Events Combat Exp +50
Want to become a great strategist (Make the items for this to pop up) Use Bomb, Ice Bomb, Lightning Bomb. Combat Exp +100
Escha Hunter's Hangout (Stera) A chat about alchemy.
Hunter's Hangout (Stera) The most important thing for alchemists. May be tied to alchemy level.
Gerhard Corporation (Lotte) He fights with Raoul over Central.
Jurie Miruca's Workshop (Stera) Jurie wants Miruca to enjoy herself more.
Miruca Miruca's Workshop (Lotte) More about central. CG get.
Solle Union He submits a request with Raoul for a Stellapearl
Stera Ship Workshop She's feeling optimistic. (After synth.)

Shallie finally meets Shallie.

  • Lotte
    • If you need Gravistones, go to Filled Cave. Stera is awful impressed with my crap synthesis techniques.
    • A scene with Miruca will unlock a life task about not eating. Just don't feed Lotte any (Food) for a while. (Make sure you've used food items a few times to trip this.)
  • Stera
    • A scene between Stera and Kortes about exercise will unlock a life task. You can finish this immediately; just keep jumping.

At the Hunter's Hangout, you'll be introduced to mining. Both Shallies can do this, though it's not particularly rewarding.

You'll get a special request from Raoul with a (!) next to it. Talking about it reveals that it's a Stellapearl for Solle. This is the first of its kind for Lotte; not so much for Stera.

...Unfortunately, there's really nothing to do in this chapter. No new areas, but you may choose to fight some bosses (I'll have more on that next section). Just follow the life tasks and all is well. I'd suggest making sure you're around ADV level 25, and Alch Level 35. You have the beginning of the next chapter to do this stuff too, so no rush.

To start off the chapter, however, you must be above alchemy level 20. You'll FINALLY unlock the ability to transfer ingredient properties to the resulting item. I'd suggest just playing around with it for now, if you're new to the series. In particular, be aware that PP, which is what you consume to put properties on items, can be boosted via other properties.