Chapter 5

Think about the hunting team Ask the opinion of an influential person
Ask the opinion of a governing person
Talk to Shallie -
Participate in the hunting team Go to Coop Union
Defeat the Sand Dragon! At Eastern Sea of Smoke
Return to Stellard -
Free Time
Clear the Sandy Ruins Traverse the area Combat Exp +50
Clear the Rotted Forest Traverse the area Combat Exp +50
Clear the Eastern Sea of Smoke Traverse the area Combat Exp +50
Clear the Trade Ship Graveyard Traverse the area Combat Exp +100
Clear the Cape of the End Traverse the area Combat Exp +250
Let's work hard! Perform synthesis Synthesis Exp +30
Go exploring
Complete requests
Raise alchemy skills (Stera) Reach alchemy level 25+ Synthesis Exp +10
Use synthesis skills
Synthesize daily goods (After above) Synth (Sundry) Synthesis Exp +10
Want to do some Synthesis (After above) Synth 5 times Synthesis Exp +20
Nuisance of Baskes Region Defeat 10 Slags at Baskes Region Combat Exp +50
Nuisance of Baskes Region 2 Defeat 10 Animals at Baskes Region Combat Exp +50
Free Time
I want new equipment Imbue Resonance Chime / Stylish Broom Synthesis Exp +10
OR Imbue Leather Shirt
Prepare equipment for all Imbue Convenient Broom / Resonance Chime Synthesis Exp +20
OR Imbue Demon Ore Sword
OR Imbue Armored Bunker / Elemental Charm
OR Imbue Sword Manipulation Ring / Silver Twin Swords
Want to do some Synthesis (After above - Lotte) Synth 5 times Synthesis Exp +20
Investigate the Dusk Sea Fight in the Dusk Sea Combat Exp +50
Gather at the Dusk Sea
Further investigate the Dusk Sea Use relic discovery at Dusk Sea Combat Exp +75
Use gather sharing at Dusk Sea
Do a more detailed check Activate 5 Field Events Combat Exp +100
Get used to fighting (Lotte) Reach adventurer level 25+ Combat Exp +75
Perform combat
Get even more used to fighting Attack enemy's weakness Combat Exp +150
Perform combat
Complete requests 5 requests -
Learn from a close battle Win a battle in a pinch. (WHY.) Combat Exp +150
Escha Hunter's Hangout Shop prepwork.
Hunter's Hangout And then helping with the shop. Shop open!
Hunter's Hangout About Colseit Apples.
Gerhard Corporation (Stera) Linca wants a Noble Suit
Corporation (Stera) He liked his suit?
Homura Union About his purchases.
Jurie Hunter's Hangout (Lotte) Jurie is scary.
Union Her interesting note-taking hobby.
Hunter's Hangout She wants to find the Ghost Ship
Hunter's Hangout Drifting Ghost Ship found. She wants you to go with her.
Drifting Ghost Ship You found it.
Drifting Ghost Ship Endless corridor trap.
Harbor (With Rose) About not progressing in the ghost ship.
Hilt Street Katla needs help with an item description.
Ship Workshop (With Teo) He gives you the Eyedrops of Truth recipe.
Katla Hilt Street Why she travels.
Kortes Ship's Cabin (Stera) His realistic viewpoint. Don't tell dad!
Miruca Miruca's Workshop (Lotte) What does it mean to be great?
Nady Shallie's House (Lotte) She used her savings to give Lotte a treat.
Shallie's House (Lotte) Bill for 500 cole. Give money.
Shallie's House (Lotte) A bill for an ugly mask. Cough up 3000 cole.
Rose Trade Ship Graveyard The things she finds.
Harbor A fight with Katla (you tell her, Rose).
Solle Union Stress relief.
Union How he became friends with Homura.
Union The full analysis on the Stellapearl you made for him earlier.
Teo Ship Workshop (Stera) Lost alchemy.
Ship Workshop (Stera) He offers a new recipe.
Wilbell Union She requests Leichester Meteorite Iron x4 through Raoul
Edge of Town Eventually, she'll give you apples for completing the request.
Shallie's House Life Task -- Beat up the sheep. Turn the game to easy and do just that - it doesn't fight back.
Hunter's Hangout (Stera) All the alchemists she knows.
Sandy Ruins No spirits around.
Ship Rotted Forest / Eastern Sea of Smoke (DLC) Solle tries to rope Kortes into his paperwork (Plus: Chapter 6, with Logy)
Woods of Eternal Night / Land of the Dead (DLC) Escha and Solle talking about work. (Plus: Chapter 6, with Logy)
Woods of Eternal Night / Land of the Dead (DLC) Escha talks to... Odelia? Why you so early Odelia? (Plus: Chapter 8)
Eastern Sea of Smoke / Trade Ship Graveyard (DLC) Solle asks Jurie about Raoul.
Eastern Sea of Smoke / Trade Ship Graveyard Wilbell and Kortes fight.
Solice Trade Camp / Filled Cave Miruca and Kortes talk education.
Plaza of Great Trees / Green Desert Wilbell and Stera have a secret chat.
Sandy Ruins / Rotted Forest (Stera) Kortes, Homura, and Jurie talk about dreams.

Of course, you get a trophy for kicking sand dragon ass.

If you have the relevant DLC, Escha and/or Solle will join during free time. Solle joined before even that, in the Plus version.

During your free time, you should get more search equipment slots. This will be your final upgrade. Depending on how many life tasks you did, you'll also unlock up to two basket upgrades with Solle. Don't rush if you haven't unlocked both. Both Lotte and Stera will also unlock their exclusive abilities this chapter -- fishing and dowsing, respectively.

Escha will also open her shop after a couple events. The Wilbell Life Task looks a little scary, but the sheep will never hit you back. Turn it to easy, beat the crap out of it. Then, don't be like me. Remember to turn the difficulty back! Jurie's events will unlock the Drifting Ghost Ship. Explore it till you get stuck -- an event next chapter will open the way. I suppose it's possible to view it in this chapter too, but I never have.

After all the plot plot plot, the two parties join together to defeat the Sand Dragon. WELL. Finally, I get to tell you how to do stuff. The game was simply too easy and straightforward before. So here's a lengthy tutorial series. Do note, I'm not going out of the way to break the game.


If you're at (or are willing to grind to) level 35 and you're feeling experimental, I'll have some further stuff you can do. If you want.

Linca has some good stuff you should buy. Stuff like Ancient Map. (I know Diamond Ore looks OOOH SHINY, but you have nothing that takes a Jewel item.) By the time you're done, you're going to see how ridiculously useful Plant Oil is. Attribute Absorb when appropriate, but not on any equipment or usable items. Use decent items. You want a high effect.

This stuff takes a while, and I made a ton of mistakes in the process myself. Save often, and if you want to cheap out... well, go for it. This set is somewhat overkill, but it'll (sort of) get you through one of the hardest areas that you can access at this point.

PP Boosting Item

  • Create a Honey using an Ancient Map. Keep PP Frame Expansion.
  • Now make Supplement - Green using a Cactus Palm and Honey. Use the Property Lv+ skill (this will fuse with Destructive Power+ on the Cactus Palm), and you might as well Attribute Absorb too. Keep both PP expansions and Big Destructive Power.
  • Create a Plant Oil with PP Frame Expansion & PP +7.

Silkis Feather

Holinicait / Ingot

  • Take that Silkis Feather and toss everything on it into a Stylish Broom. Be sure to include PP Boosting stuff on your Palma Wood.
  • Toss that Stylish Broom into a Fire Lord's Charcoal. Use a PP Boosting Plant Oil, and be sure to Number/Count+.
  • Transfer to all the Ingots you like. Ingots are only necessary for Miruca + Holinic Full Metal, so just one Holinica synth will get you what you need. For everything else, there are supplements.
  • For PP, put the relevant properties onto a Lightning Bomb, disassemble with Miruca. Old Stones are fantastic. Remember to Cost Down on it.

Further Notes

  • If you have Supplement - Black, you can directly toss in a Mantis Blade for Barrage Attack. Not a big deal if you don't have it.
  • This only applies to weapons. Go for it if you want.
  • I leave third properties free for you to decide. I already got you two badass ones.
  • You can try to fuse your own Defense Enhances/Speed Enhances, whatever you like, or you can just go with whatever is native to the equipment via Property Lv+.
  • Just don't be cute and try to get the All Stats series on our weapons/armor. That's accessory exclusive.
  • For accessories, try Fire Lord's Charcoal -> Supplement - Red -> Plant Oil -> Handspun Rabbit Yarn -> Stellard Fabric. Bear in mind that you must be careful about transferring properties to the Yarn (and also the Oil/Supplement before it). I had two separate Yarns.
  • It's worth noting that Stellard Fabric disassembles to Handspun Rabbit Yarn.
  • I like to transfer all my equip properties to accessories. The lazy life is the only life.


Follow this stuff for "better" items. You don't strictly need to do it if you're sick of this tutorial. Just try to actually get effects on your weapons. Always include a PP Boosting Item. Always. From Plant Oil, this should be a trivial process to get onto anything you need.

You should aim to get effects of all elements. Higher effects are not necessarily better, and if you don't have Supplement - Black, water attributes are tough. Here are my notes:

  • Stylish Broom
    • Verdant Taun is useful. Or Umbrella Tree Strawberry.
    • Press square (or equivalent). Move Verdant Taun to the third slot. Give it Order+ 3. You win.
  • Elemental Charm
    • The Giant Fossil at Rose's Shop should prove helpful.
    • Use that Fire Lord's Charcoal from earlier, toss into Supplement - Red. If you don't want to use that directly, toss it into a Sea Clan's Charm.


  • Fur Shirt (Stera/Lotte... and everyone else, if you want)
  • Leather Shirt (Stera/Lotte... and everyone else, if you want)
    • High wind effects recommended. Herbal Shirt is more convenient. High Collar Shirt will net you the higher (better) wind effects.
    • For water effect, you'll need the LV 35+ trick above, and you'll want Elemental Attribute - Water on probably Leather and/or Plant Oil.
  • Holinic Full Metal (Kortes/Homura/Miruca)
    • This is extra costly. To soften the blow, let's use Old Stone so you can use Number+.
    • (LV 35+) If you have Supplement - Black, then... Burning Gas (get LV3 property, Elemental Attribute - Wind) -> Supplement Red -> Lightning Bomb, disassemble to Old Stone.
  • Gold Embroidered Coat (Jurie/Wilbell)
    • (LV 35+) From the Honey listed with Elemental Attribute - Water, make a Handspun Rabbit Yarn. Imbue an Agile Coat.
    • What about Fire, you ask? It's impossible.

Attack Items

  • Using the Plant Oil trick, get Big Destructive Power and Critical on whatever Supplements you like. If you want a third property, pick one now.
  • If you super care (you really shouldn't), you can get Ultimate Destructive Power at level 35+... if you can make Burning Gas, anyway.
  • Make a Lava Cube using Phlogiston, Bomb, PP Boosting Plant Oil, and Supplement - White/Red. Be sure to get all three Properties and reduce the size of the item. You'll get Scorching Earth as a property. You can also try carrying Carries Heat from a Bomb. It's actually one of the best debuffing properties in the game.
  • Put some effort into an Ice Bomb. It'll help you for the boss.
  • Unlike Escha & Logy, this game doesn't really give you a ton of awesome usable item options. It actually nerfed a lot of stuff to the point that items are mostly best as debuffs/buffs/healing. Equipment is where you'll want to spend most of your time.