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Dusk Sea

Sandy Ruins

Chest: Lightning Bomb


Rotted Forest

Chest: Metal Boots


Eastern Sea of Smoke

Sand Dragon boss fight upon first entry.


Trade Ship Graveyard


Drifting Ghost Ship

  • Crew Quarters
    • Chest - Slag Coin
    • Rose event
    • Bullet Slag
  • Dance Hall
    • Box of Dusk
    • Chest (north) - Traveler's Ration
    • Chest (north of middle exit): Old Treasure Chest
    • Chest (South) - Iron Clay
  • Food Storeroom
    • Chest - Feather Ornament
  • General Storeroom
    • Nothing special
  • Ship Lower Area
    • Chest: Gunade Ring
  • Admiral's Quarters
    • Boss

Forgotten Laboratory


Cape of the End


Castle of Mirages

  • Outer Wall
  • 1st level
  • 2nd Level
  • 3rd Level
    • Chest: Supplement - Rainbow
  • 4th Level
    • Chest: Electrical Discharge Tube
  • Path of Hardships
    • Chest (north): Comet Crest Stone
    • Chest (west): Time Watch
    • Chest (east): Mysterious Cloth
    • Chest (northeast): Dimension Bomb
    • Automata
  • Path of Trials
    • Chest: Elixir
  • Path of Sages
    • Chest (north): Dragoon Mail
    • Chest (northeast): Divine Coat
    • Chest (south): Divine Shirt
  • Grand Council Room
    • Defeat all enemies to continue
  • Space of Knowledge