Chapter 9

Places automatons could be... Heaven's Vine
Castle of Mirages
Crystal Valley
The village goddess...? Get the automaton at Faav Village
Collect automatons Do both above tasks
Return to Stellard -
Prove the hypothesis Go to Ruins of Frozen Time
Search the depths of the earth Geofront
Check Herb Garden -
Report the truth behind Stellard Go to the Corporation
Found Linca?! Tell Linca about the facility at Herb Garden
Free Time
Clear the Herb Garden Traverse the area Combat Exp +2500
Clear the Hidden Cave Traverse the area Combat Exp +150
Do work while waiting Perform synthesis Synthesis Exp +100
Go exploring
Complete requests
Get used to fighting Reach adventurer level 55+ Combat Exp +250
Perform combat
Get even more used to fighting (After Above) Cause Burst Combat Exp +500
Perform combat
I want to get better at synthesis Reach alchemy level 50+ Synthesis Exp +30
Perform synthesis skills
Get clean amount of money Save 30,000 Cole -
Free Time
Let's synthesisze adventures (After LV50 - Stera) Synth (Adventure) Synthesis Exp +30
Synthesize food (After LV50 - Lotte) Synth (Food) Synthesis Exp +30
Let's synthesize more (After either task above) Perform synthesis Synthesise Exp +50
Check the Dusk Sea Perform Combat in the Dusk Sea Combat Exp +500
Perform gathering in the Dusk Sea
Comparative check (After above) Use Relic Discovery at Eastern Continent Combat Exp +500
Use Gather Sharing
Do a more detailed check (After above) Activate 5 field events Combat Exp +1000
Read Forgotten Arts Obtain Forgotten Arts Synthesis Exp +100
Synth items in it
Complete requests 10 requests -
Albert Stellard Plaza (Lotte) Complaining about his father, and his dream.
Ayesha Harbor How Ayesha & Escha became alchemists.
Edge of Town Master and apprentice
Stellard Plaza Why Nio is really staying in Colseit
City Water Source Delivering the, um, herbal mix.
Escha Hunter's Hangout About the person that gave Escha the seeds.
Hunter's Hangout Shallies will help find a place to plant the seeds.
Hunter's Hangout (Plus) About being away from home.
Homura Union Homura wonders why he's different from the others.
City Water Source Odelia wanders off to talk with Homura and Escha.
Union Funeral.
Union Solle and Homura know each other well.
Jurie Miruca's Workshop (Trophy event) The sisters are getting along.
Katla Union She's thinking of leaving town.
Keith City Water Source Keith's pipe.
City Water Source Running low on them pipe drugs. Life task for Forgetful Grass, Evergreen Leaf, Verdant Taun, Ultramarine Root
City Water Source Shallie delivers the 'medicine'.
Ship Workshop Lotte will ask about having Keith teach them.
City Water Source When they approach him, he gives a life task for Travel Gate.
City Water Source Show it to him for a brief scene and life task for Medicine of the Four Beasts
City Water Source Deliver that and he'll have nothing more to teach you.
Kortes Union A new dragon appeared.
Heaven's Vine - Root Division (Trophy event) Altegewalt (He's strong, come prepared.)
Ship's Cabin (Stera) How much Kortes doesn't know.
Linca Herb Garden - Depths Trophy event. The truth about all the Lincas.
Corporation Shallies tell Linca about her origins.
Union With Solle/Homura. All Lincas are different.
Stellard Plaza How Linca knows Nady.
Logy Hilt Street (Lotte) After Flying Board events. He fixes it. (Have faith. This event has no marker.)
Lotte Edge of Town Get a trashy recipe from Wilbell.
Edge of Town Wilbell informs Lotte that there's a nebulous way for alchemists to fly.
Ship workshop Teo tells her about Gravistones.
Hunter's Hangout Escha knows about engines.
City Water Source Keith offers his own form of advice. And Lotte is a monster.
Shallie's House Miruca lays everything out. Recipe acquired.
Ship workshop After making the Flying Board, she shows Wilbell.
Odelia City Water Source What sort of automaton she is.
Reyfer Hunter's Hangout He's friends with Raoul. wut.
Hunter's Hangout (Also an event for Escha/Harry/Solle) A bunch of old friends talk to each other.
Hunter's Hangout Why Raoul's been sighing all day. LOL.
Wilbell Edge of Town (Plus) She was finally recognized.
Seeds (Plus) City Water Source The seed could greatly affect the land it's planted in.
Other Hidden Cave You'll be given the choice between Jurie/Keith/Miruca, and an event with the one you picked will follow.
Ship Rotted Forest / Eastern Sea of Smoke Teo, Odelia, and Homura all talk about... old times?
Sandy Shore / Spine Post Teo and Keith talk about age
Forest of Miracles / Tunnel of Plants Gives a CG. Wilbell and Odelia talk about the past. (Plus: Does not give a CG.)
Green Desert / Spine Post Odelia and Homura eat sweets.
Land of the Dead / Ancient Ruins Keith and Miruca have an alchemy chat.
Ruins of Frozen Time / Altar of Spirits Keith's addicted and needs a resupply.
Drifting Cemetery / Heaven's Vine Odelia and Teo talk about cleaning.
Tunnel of Plants / Hidden Cave Keith questions Homura.
Plaza of Great Trees / Green Desert Shallies wonder what Keith's apprentice is like.
Hidden Cave / Heaven's Vine "Shallie" gives Teo a massage
The Furthest Village / Heaven's Vine - Sapling Fake magician vs. cranky alchemist
The Furthest Village / Castle of Mirages About artificial life
Secret Book of the Clan Stera - Alch LV70 Shepherd's Flute, Talisman of Ancient Beasts, Mirage Talisman
Flying Board Lotte Events Flying Board
Wilbell's Special Book Wilbell Event (Lotte) Living Trash Can
Dad's Reference Book Lotte - Alch LV70 Mirage Talisman
Armor - Final - Silver Threaded Shirt, Divine Shirt, Magic Plate, Dragoon Mail, Divine Coat
Weapon - Final - Sea Alchemist's Bell, Alchemist's Broom, Dragon Scale Charm, Orbis Spiritis, Air Foecutters, Chronicle Bunker, Diabolos Gem, Meteorite Sword, Lifetree Staff
  • The automaton are at the following locations: (After you find three 'in the wild', nothing will appear at the remaining field. Al has two as part of the story, you fetch two more, and Faav is the last you get)
    • Heaven's Vine
    • Castle of Mirages
    • Crystal Valley
    • Faav Village (you can just take the goddess, lol)

After the scene at Ruins of Frozen Time, you'll unlock Geofront. If you head straight down the path you'll hit a roadblock; you'll return to this place in Chapter 10. So worry about the Indirect Bypass area instead. Continue exploring for a big plot dump, and eventually the truth about Linca as well. As for the event that happens at Hidden Cave -- pick whoever you want. Miruca gives you a Double Foot Component, if you super care.

  • Optional Bosses: