Heart of Flame

LV 31
Heart of Flame

An item that draws energy from the body. Wearing it makes one reckless.

Recipe Book: Searing Men

Relic Locations:Disassembles to:Properties:
Fire Attack (50-75)
Fire Blessing (75-100)
Beast Vitality (80-100)
Heated Pulse (50-65)
Avoid KO M (0-40)
Avoid KO S (40-80)
Avoid KO S2 (80-100)
Can equip: eschaCan equip: logyCan equip: awinCan equip: threiaCan equip: reyferCan equip: lucilleCan equip: lincaCan equip: wilbellCan equip: micieCan equip: katlaCan equip: nio