Chapter 6

Consider what to do next Go to the Union
Head to the Eastern Continent -
Confront the first obstacle Head to Crystal Valley
Clear the Crystal Valley -
Investigate the village Go to the Faav Village plaza
Look for something that could make a suitable report
Return to ship Uh... return to Stellard. I didn't name this thing!
Think what to do next (Stera) Return to the ship's workshop
Go home and calm down (Lotte) Go home
Free Time
Clear the Hole of the Dead Traverse the area Combat Exp +20
Need to do more work Perform synthesis Synthesis Exp +50
Go exploring
Complete requests
Read Next Generation Craftwork Obtain Next Generation Craftwork Synthesis Exp +10
Make items from it
Read Walking in Dusk - Continuation (After above) Obtain Walking in Dusk - Continuation Synthesis Exp +20
Make items from it
Synthesize magic items (After above) (Magic Tool) Synthesis Exp +30
Raise alchemy skills (Lotte) Reach alchemy level 30+ Synthesis Exp +20
Use synthesis skills
Synthesize magic items (After above) (Magic Tool) Synthesis Exp +30
Use Synthesis skills Use synthesis skills Synthesis Exp +30
Perform synthesis
Free Time
Clear the Nomad Camp Traverse the area Combat Exp +30
Clear the Hidden Forest Traverse the area Combat Exp +50
Make some stylish equipment Synth Angel Ribbon Synthesis Exp +10
OR Synth Aroma Pouch
Rumors of special regional jewels Gather 15 (Jewel) at Dusk Sea Combat Exp +150
Rumors of special regional animals Gather 15 (Animal) at Dusk Sea Combat Exp +150
Do a more detailed check (Lotte - After above) Activate 5 Field Events Combat Exp +250
Complete Requests Obtain 3000 Cole from requests -
Complete more requests Do 10 requests -
Get used to fighting (Stera) Reach Adventurer level 30+ Combat Exp +75
Perform combat.
Get even more used to fighting (After above) Attack a weakness Combat Exp +100
Perform combat.
Do a more detailed check (After above) Activate 5 Field Events Combat Exp +100
Albert Stellard Plaza If you bought the automata from Katla, give it to him.
Stellard Plaza Bring the Crystal Valley automata to him. (You can get it during free time.)
Gerhard Corporation (Stera) Linca wants you to make Formal Dinner Suit
Corporation (Stera) He seems happier with this suit.
Jurie Miruca's workshop Miruca asks about a fairy tale.
Kortes Ship's Cabin About killing the Sand Dragon
Linca Hunter's Hangout Escha comments on how similar she looks to the other Linca.
Corporation The Shallies ask directly about her sisters.
Logy Hilt Street Meeting Miruca
Union Paperwork with Solle
Miruca Ship workshop (Stera) Stera has a good time with her.
Miruca's Workshop (Lotte/Plus) Miruca doesn't try to see thins from Jurie's perspective.
Harry Faav Village Meeting.
Nady Corporation (Lotte) With Gerard. About her resigning.
Shallie's House (Lotte) With Gerard again. How Nady wouldn't return.
Rose Harbor She makes Wilbell nervous.
Harbor Wilbell senses magic.
Dusk Sea Lose a battle. You weren't Rose's next customer.
Solle Union He feels like tearing it all up. I would love to see that.
Stera Ship Workshop A choice between Lotte or Miruca.
Miruca's workshop Tea with Miruca.
Ship Stellard / Land of Fallen Stars Kortes and Lotte talk about the Water Festival
Eastern Sea of Smoke / Nomad Camp Jurie and Miruca.
Nomad Camp / Hidden Forest (Stera) Kortes and Jurie discuss the Dusk
The Remnants Rose's Shop Electrical Discharge Tube, Unbreakable Glass, Polarized Gem, Ziegel Nugget
Techniques of Engineer Becketts Linca's Shop Dimension Bomb, Dragon Shield, Twin Color Corundum, Dark Steel Plate, Demon Warding Charm
Stylish Central Linca's Shop Gunade Ring, Blue Crystal Ring, Alto Cloth, Scale Cloth, Precious Stone
Weapon Batch 3 - White Winged Bell, Magia Sumonitora, Lunic Charm, Demonkin Ring, Bloody Claws, Ancient Heat Bunker, Mythical Beast Sword
  • Lotte
    • At the Nomad Camp (I think you need to have Bait?), you'll be informed about the existence of the Fish Lord at Green Desert. You'll need 100+ effect bait to get it.
    • You get an exclusive trophy on Lotte's side after finding Faav Village.
  • Stera
    • At Solice Trade Camp, you unlock a life task... to KILL the Food Rabbits Stera wants to pet so badly.
    • After a couple scenes with Teo, you'll get a recipe for the Dowsing Rod.

For those of you on the Plus version, this is where things begin to diverge. Enjoy all your Logy cutscenes, especially when he joins the party.

Katla will offer you an automata for an absurdly low price. Just kidding, of course. You don't need to buy it - the plot will just give it to you. She'll throw in a Gold Coin of Fortune that has decent properties on it (if you buy for full price), but nothing mindblowing. Then you hand it off to Albert. If you must buy it on your first run, note that she'll later sell it for 20,000 Cole. Avoid her till you've acquired enough money.

In any case, you'll meet Harry at Faav Village. He runs the last shop of the game, though you won't get anything good from him just yet.


Start by making a Plant Fertilizer with High Price + (the LV2 property). Then make a second one with High Price +, and use the Get Rich skill to make High Class Item. Make a Supplement - Blue using both fertilizers (you may need Ingredient Zero).

Transfer all to a Plant Oil, then make a Holinic Steel Plate. Get the LV3 property. Keep Premium Price. Do not keep High Price if you see it. Holinics are kind of a pain, though, so let's find something else.

As it turns out, you can make an Uni using a steel plate and supplement. You know what to do. Disassemble with Miruca, then toss that Broken Item into a Supplement - White.

You are free to optimize this if you wish, but this version is good enough and easy to reproduce via Plant Oil.

Supplement - White is notably better for selling than other kinds of Supplements.

LV 40 Warning (PS3 only)

Once you hit level 40, you unlock the growth system. This requires the 1.01 update to work. If you don't have it (though I imagine most of you do), don't touch the growth system.

Do NOT, under any circumstances, upgrade Lotte's Defense Assist. It will prevent you from using auto-use items. (Yes, that is a huge deal, even if it doesn't seem like one now.)

Secondly, my recommendations for upgrades consider the end-game, high end synths. The optimal stuff. Focus on crit rate and crit bonuses first, then item bonuses for alchemists, then skill power upgrades. I always do stats last.

If you have Escha, all her stuff is just flat out wrong (not at all unusual for DLC, unfortunately). The correct list is in this page. Solle has similar issues but his descriptions are correct.



"Get Rich" is only available as Lotte